Stainless Steel Wire Ropes & Strands

Stainless Steel Wire Ropes, Stranded Ropes, Strand and cables for use with our I-SYS® Cable Components and fittings & our POSILOCK® Wire Display Hanging Systems.

Different Constructions offer different possibilities when designing your project. Please use the information given, or contact us,  to find the right stainless steel strand or stainless steel wire rope for your application.

Stainless steel wire rope is sometimes referred to as stainless steel wire cable 

How to select the correct I- Sys wire rope or cable

Carl Stahl Architectural offer 1x37 and 1x19 stainless steel strand as well as 7x7 and 7x19  stainless steel stranded rope(sometimes referred to as 6x7 and 6x19) Stainless steel strand comprises a number of wires either 19 or 37 twisted together to form a strand . Stainless steel stranded rope comprises a number of strands usually 7 twisted together to form the finished wire rope .

Our standard recommendation for balustrade in-fill , catenary wire and mesh border cable would be 7x7 stainless steel stranded wire rope from 1mm to 8mm diameter and 7x19 stainless steel stranded  rope  for diameters ranging from 8mm to 16mm.  Carl Stahl wire rope is twisted in a right hand direction as standard.

Stainless steel strand  in 1x19 or 1 x37 is generally used for structural applications such as a canopy support .


The appearance of a 7x7 stainless steel rope can be  said to be coarser than a 7x19 rope  because it has a smaller number of relatively large wires. This does not compromise the appearance of the cable below 8 mm diameter   therefore our standard recommendation below 8mm would be 7x7.  For sizes ranging between 8mm and 16mm we would recommend the use of 7x19 which , at these larger diameters ,creates a much smoother external appearance providing improved visual impact. Movement to 7x19 at these larger diameters also improves  wire rope flexibility.


1x19 or 1x 37 stainless steel strand is relatively rigid when compared with a 7x7 stainless steel stranded  rope which can be said to be medium flexibility. Stainless steel rope in 7x19 offers a high level of flexibility.

If the rope needs to bend in the application or to  pass through some wire rope sheaves or pullies then this can be an important consideration and where bending is expected 7x19 stainless steel rope would be the preferred option.

Minimum Breaking Load

Our technical specifications for each rope show a minimum breaking load (MBL). This is the minimum load at which a new sample of the rope will break or fracture if it is exposed to a tensile test to destruction. 

Nominal Rope Diameter

Nominal rope diameter is the named diameter of the rope as it appears in our technical specification. The actual diameter of a newly supplied rope will normally be slightly higher than its stated nominal diameter. This is because all wire ropes are made within  a diameter  tolerance range and producers  tend to manufacture  rope at the higher end of this tolerance range.