Stainless Steel CS-Fork End with External Thread

The Stainless steel CS-Fork end with external thread offers an elegant and high-end finish to any stainless steel wire rope assembly. paired with the CS-Eye end terminations, it offers a unique and extremely aesthetically pleasing connection for stairwells, balustrades and parapets.

The CS-Fork end is fitted with a stainless steel pin and cir-clip to hold the pin inside the jaw sleekly and elegantly allowing for a flush effect fitting.

Offering thread sizes from M6 - M8, the stainless steel CS-Fork end is compatible with most of our turnbuckles, internally threaded swaged connections or scewing into your balustrade to connect other stainless steel wire ropes. to effectively and simply solve the issue of angle change on rakes of stairwell, you can fit a fork end into your baluster and attach a CS-Eye end to the fork top and bottom onto which your stainless steel wire ropes would be swaged.

Material: Stainless steel AISI 316 - CS-Fork is compatible with CS-Eye

Stainless Steel CS-Fork End with External Thread

Part number Price Part number Price                
RH thread For Component LH thread For Component a b c ød e f g h
945-0600 £7.90 946-0600 £7.90 M6 77 35 6 7.5 14 6.5 20
945-0800 £7.90 946-0800 £7.90 M8 77 35 6 7.5 14 6.5 20
945-0801 £8.39 946-0801 £8.39 M8 106 50 8 10 19 8.5 24
945-1000 £8.39 946-1000 £8.39 M10 106 50 8 10 19 8.5 24

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