I-SYS® Stainless Steel CS-Eye with External Thread

The stainless steel CS-Eye with External Thread is a highly polished and machined eye end specifically designed to capture the imagination of architects and fabricators alike. 

The award winning design, with it's sleek flowing curves, the I-SYS® CS-Eye with External Thread brings timeless class into balustrades, facades and stairwells without 'bulking' an area up.

The CS-Eye end is available in left hand thread and right hand thread, therefore solves the inherent issues of tensioning within the confines of a void. 

Teamed with the CS-Fork ends , the stainless steel eye end brings a classic, yet timeless solution to any balustrade, facade or parapet.

The I-SYS® CS-Eye with external thread is available in thread sizes from: M6 - M10 with thread lengths of either 32mm or 47mm, depending on the size you choose.

Should you wish to purchase I-SYS® stainless steel pre-made wire rope assemblies utilising this eye end, please click here for further information.

I-SYS® Stainless Steel CS-Eye with External Thread

Part number Price Part number Price                
RH thread For Component LH thread For Component a b c ød e f h k
985-0600 £4.97 986-0600 £4.97 M6 78 32 6 8 19 20 6
985-0800 £4.97 986-0800 £4.97 M8 78 32 6 8 19 20 6
985-0801 £5.62 986-0801 £5.62 M8 106 47 8 10 23 24.5 8
985-1000 £5.62 986-1000 £5.62 M10 106 47 8 10 23 24.5 8

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