I-SYS® Stainless Steel Components: I-SYS® Stainless Steel End Stops

Well Rounded: I-SYS® Stainless Steel End Stops.

End stops ensure secure fixing, Along with preformed parts, stainless steel end stops offer secure connections for sloping cable runs such as stairwells etc. Balls and sockets are also among the exceptional products offered within the I-SYS® stainless steel components range. This rounded duo is a technical innovation for end stop connections at angles of slope of up to 60º and is the subject of current patent application.

The principle movement between ball and socket within the stainless steel end stop range originates from nature: the ball sits firmly in the socket, which is round and therefore invariably fits. Rapid and formally consistend solutions which fit flexibly into the angle are the result.

  • Reduced to the essentials
  • Flexible design options
  • Ideal for sloping cable runs
  • Attractive design elements.