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From stainless steel balustrade in-fills and fall protections to architectural lighting installations, shop display fittings and complex Zoolutions: Carl Stahl Architecture is a specialist for almost any application involving stainless steel wire cables and stainless steel mesh.

Ever since 1880, Carl Stahl has been up among the leaders when it comes to stainless steel wire ropes and cables - originally in the form of natural fibre ropes for agriculture and today as a supplier of steel cables and lifting equipment for very heavy loads. Carl Stahl's 'Architecture' division was established in the 1990's under the umbrella of it's tradition-steeped parent.

From consulting and planning through structural calculations to manufacturing and installation, Carl Stahl Architecture provides end-to-end services to customers seeking to realise creative ideas with the help of stainless steel and galvanised  steel ropes and cables, meshes and stainless steel system components - no matter where they are in the world. 

I-SYS® Stainless Steel Cable Assemblies

Architects are always looking for exceptional ideas for their projects. Thanks to its timeless elegance and robust characteristics, stainless steel proves to be an ideal and versatile material. Carl Stahl Architecture using our architectural products optimally exploits the potential of stainless steel in all of our products for the ultimate design creativity in any project or application. Our stainless steel wire ropes offer unique versatility in design and fabrication using external threads with angle washers, for example,  to eliminate issues when fitting balustrade wire ropes to rakes of stairwells or using rampa screws to fit into timber section for an ornate wire trellis system - I-SYS® Stainless Steel Cable Assemblies offer an aesthetically pleasing solution to any balustrade, facade or structural issue.

Posilock® Display Systems

From shop fittings through interior design to window decoration a demand exists for transparent solutions combining functionality with lightness and elegance. The POSILOCK® wire display system offers an extensive range of options - from ceiling and floor attachments, using cable tensioners and the like, to hanging fixtures for picture frames, displays and many other objects such as point of sale material hanging in shop windows. It's stainless steel cables comply with even the most stringent  safety requirements and are easy to install using specially developed components made from nickel-plated brass. With such an enormous number of possible combinations, the POSILOCK® hanging display system allows any object to be suspended or hung optimally.

Posilock® - Answering tomorrow's wire display system issues, today!

Shop designs and interior architecture today demand elegant and open installation solutions. The hanging stainless steel POSILOCK® wire display system offers creative and original solutions. Single elements can be individually combined according to the building requirements, to give a pleasing yet spohisticated wire display system.

Innovative solutions arise by freely combining the basic elements of cable tensioning and cable anchoring with diverse additional elements, for example in the areas of product presentation, shelf systems, ceiling and floor attachments and all other types of suspensions.

I-SYS® Stainless Steel Wire Rope Components & Fittings

Stainless steel cables are among the most versatile elements of architecture offering strength and transparency . They are functional, stable, long-lived and simultaneously decorative and individually deployable. I-SYS® unites all these characteristics and provides tailored solutions for each project - from stainless steel balustrade infill, wire trellis systems & cable railings, up to highly stressed structural suspension for bridge parapets in stainless steel wire rope or galvanised wire rope.

The I-SYS range comprises of around 1,000 fittings and accessories utilising external thread connections, fork ends, eye ends & interal thread connections, which can be swaged on site, at our factory or, using our swageless connections, made up on site with out using any swaging tools. Stainless steel cables are available in diameters of 1 mm to 26 mm in a variety of constructions to suit almost any application possible.